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Dr. Crisp has partnered with Dr. Sherry Mee Bell to provide Educational Assessment for Learning Disabilities (ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia), Gifted, and School Readiness. A thorough report is produced that meets the required standards of private and public schools for educational planning, as well as ACT/SAT and other testing organizations that require documentation for accommodations.


Evaluations for:


Learning Disorders




School Readiness

Does my child need an assessment?


Process of Educational Assessment:

  1. Intake: Parents or Guardians meet with practitioner to share Medical and Family history. Concerns are shared.

    2. Evaluation: Two test sessions will be scheduled after the intake, totaling about 4-5 hrs of               testing. Surveys may be distributed to teachers and parents/guardians, depending on

        concerns shared during the intake.

    3. Consultation: Once the results are analyzed and a report is made, the family meets again                with the evaluator to go over test results and any diagnosis made. 

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