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I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

--Maya Angelou

My career in Educational Psychology began In 2004. As I was struggling to parent a child with ADHD, I decided to take a graduate course at the University of Tennessee called Mediated Learning Experience. I chose this course because I was interested in finding a better way to support my son. The class was life changing and, along with gaining multiple other tools in both educational trainings and classes along the way, opened my eyes to a new approach to work with my son that could improve his learning and motivation to learn. It changed both my approach to parenting and ultimately, my career, inspiring me to use what I learned to serve others. 

As I worked on a PhD in Educational Psychology and Research at UT, I researched the best ways to improve thinking and learning. I co-created a program at the Thornton Student Life Center at UT to use Cognitive Enrichment Advantage to improve college-athlete academic outcomes. At this time, I also learned about and sought training in the Lindamood-Bell reading and math interventions. A search for the best handwriting programs led me to Handwriting without Tears and Rhythmic Writing. Other trainings and classes followed and gave me both the knowledge and experience to begin working one on one with students. I earned my PhD in Educational Psychology and Research in 2012.

As an Educational Psychologist, I worked for Psychoeducational Network for most of my career, a business providing children and families with a variety of high quality psychoeducational services in the Knoxville area. Psychoeducational Network closed late in 2018, but I continue to work as an Independent Practitioner at my new office on Lyons View Pike. I have also joined forces with Dr. Sherry Mee Bell, offering Educational Assessments for Gifted, ADHD, learning disabilities, and dyslexia. 

In 2017, I also became an adjunct instructor at Pellissippi State, teaching students strategies to be successful in college. In 2018, I developed and hosted a camp for students with ADHD and anxiety. It was the highlight of my year when campers asked me to do the camp again next year. I am currently seeking community partnerships to expand the camp for 2019. My plan for the camp is to 1) have it continue to be an important conduit for children to learn and practice strategies to improve their lives and 2) provide training for those seeking positions in education and/or mental health.

After 12 years of working with kids first grade to college level, I have been able to provide students and families quality, research proven interventions that work. As a life-long learner dedicated to finding help for kids with learning disabilities, I continue to grow as a therapist, seeking and researching new innovations in education. 

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